Two Minutes - London - 30" x 60" (76 cm x 152 cm) oil on linen.

This piece portrays a demonstration that took place on July 14, 2005 on the steps of the National Gallery in London.

It was a Thursday - one week after the series of coordinated terrorist attacks against London's public transportation system. I was in London that week to attend the opening of a collective exhibition featuring my work at the Albemarle Gallery.

At noon that day, thousands of people throughout the city stood side by side as a two minutes of silence call was observed. The event at Trafalgar Square brought together members of Parliament, Emergency Services' officials, religious leaders, and various dignitaries and celebrities.

Standing behind the sign that reads "One City One World" can be seen Lord Sebastian Coe, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone.

At 12:02, Big Ben rang again, and at that moment hundreds of pigeons which were enjoying the unusually quiet square, took flight all at once. No plan could have topped the effect.

52 people were killed in the attacks. In this painting, there are 104.